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Project Roadsafe

   AGCVT and Project RoadSafe are partnering with VHSA & AAA to host the AAA Walk to End Distracted Driving & Safety Day; tomorrow

   "Why would I text my boss while I was driving?" asks the driver, who claims he had written the text while pulled

   Let's face it, professional drivers and company owners are held to a higher standard than many in the construction industry. They're required to

"The stigma of the gear-jammin, wallet-on-the-chain truck driver is a thing of the past. Today's driver is the ambassador of your company to the

Mindy Long | May 29, 2019    When they are choosing a vehicle to inspect, law enforcement wants to pull a vehicle with the most

   High-tech features and advanced driver assistance systems are becoming more readily available, and they have the potential to reduce the rates of crashes,