CalAmp to Add Text-Blocking Feature

CalAmp will introduce a feature into its telematics product that blocks text messages at the network level to reduce distracted driving.
   CalAmp will add technology to its fleet telematics solution that will block incoming text messages as a way to reduce texting while driving, the Irvine, Calif.-based company announced.
   CalAmp has licensed intellectual property from Boulder, Colo.-based Katasi that will integrate with CalAmp’s telematics product and paired mobile devices. Katasi’s technology blocks text messages at the network level, and would be considered a more aggressive way to reduce distracted driving. It becomes engaged when the vehicle is in motion.
   CalAmp will offer it as a standalone over-the-top service or as part of a bundle with other CalAmp services such as CrashBoxx, LoJack SureDrive, or CalAmp’s fleet management applications.
   “Technology plays an enormous role in creating a safer driving environment, and through our growing suite of road safety micro-services, CalAmp is invested in bringing to market solutions to reduce risk on the roads that can save lives,” said Michael Burdiek, CalAmp’s president and chief executive officer. “We’re looking forward to unveiling new and valuable services to our enterprise customers and LoJack subscribers while at the same time making a positive impact on road safety.”
   Distracted driving remains a serious concern among fleet managers. Among the overall driving populace, one in every four motor vehicle crashes involves cell phone use, according to the National Safety Council. The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction reports that while 98% of drivers surveyed believe that texting while driving is dangerous, 66% admit to doing so.