Associate Member Spotlight: Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, Inc.

This week we sat down with Debra Ricker from Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, Inc. to talk about her company, relationship with AGC/VT and connections with members.

What brought Worksafe to AGC??? When?

We opened our company in 1986 and joined AGC in 1987.  We were looking to get to know the industry and so I started attending the Highway & Bridge/ Agency of Transportation meetings that were held monthly.  I quickly saw the benefits of being involved due to the networking  with both Contractors, State Agency, and FHWA personnel and gained knowledge.   After some time Phil Scott (our incoming Chair of the association and yes current Governor) approached me and encouraged me to join the Board of Directors which I did and eventually was elected and served as the Chair of AGC in 2000.


What has been the biggest benefit of membership for you???

There are many benefits in my opinion, starting with the networking events, training programs, webinars, tool box talks and certified training programs which helps keep our firms informed on compliance and performing safe practices.  The other vital and definitely one of the most important benefit is the Government Relations work from lobbying for funding to keeping us abreast and active on legislative issues that might effect our businesses and employees.


Can you think of a time either AGC or a member stepped up to help Worksafe in some way?

I have had several serious business challenges over the years due to poor government policy and in both cases if not for the support of my trade associations the results would not of been the same.   Many years ago a Senator in Vermont decided that pavement markings were too slippery on our roadways for her to ride a bicycle or motorcycle on and introduced legislation that would ban the use of all durable pavement markings,  this could of put our entire driving population at risk and lives would have been lost.  I contact AGC and ATSSA and they both supplied many experts to come to the Montpelier Capitol to testify with me  which resulted in the bill being denied.  Had this bill passed it would of spread throughout the nation creating unsafe highways and potentially causing unnecessary deaths.     In the early 90’s I began building a new sign shop to better serve my customers and quickly found myself competing against the Vermont Prison Industry program and again AGC stepped in and we worked on this issue for several years with the Vermont Legislature that resulted in a very positive outcome that included restrictions on the growth of the prison industry sectors, as well as  a workforce training program and job placement program for youth offenders.


Tell me a little about your business and how members can take advantage of your services?

Worksafe Traffic Control Industries is a manufacturer of construction, highway, and commercial signs and a distributor of traffic control products and devices.  Worksafe has a state of the art fleet of traffic control equipment and offers state of the art technology solutions for highways, construction zones, traffic calming and incident management applications.  We are committed to the industry and supply our customers with quality products that conform to all required specifications, expert technical advice, outstanding service and competitive pricing.  At Worksafe our goal is to guide our customers in the proper selection and set up of temporary traffic operations as well as permanent applications that conform to all specifications.  Our staff is dedicated to promoting and improving highway safety for the benefit of the construction worker and the traveling public.  Worksafe is committed to working directly with private, public, federal, and government relation groups to promote the high befits to saving lives on our highways by investing in low cost safety solutions.  We offer SALES or RENTALS for more information please visit us at


Have you changed your systems to deal with COVID issues??? How? 

We have like everyone else implemented many changes in our workplace that include social distancing, training programs, increased cleaning procedures, and PPE.  The biggest change that I hope some day goes away is that we are unable to allow customers and vendors in the building.  All deliveries and pickups are done outside in the yard.  I will be glad when they are able to come inside.


Any special products or promotions for AGC members?? 

We do monthly specials with discounted pricing.  August will be offering the ViZ Reflective Alpha garments that offers 3 levels of protection:  Fluorescence, Retro-reflectivity and Phosphorescence.  These vests glow in the dark

and provide high level safety to our construction workers.