EcoCharge Launches Electrical, Battery-Operated Excavations and Rental Equipment
Friday, May 21, 2021
Section: AGC/VT News

equipment photo
When Tim and Tina Cole, owners of Dirt Tech, have needed electrical, battery-operated equipment for their projects, they have had to spend money, time, and manpower traveling to Connecticut.

After landing a sizable project at the Winooski school, which that requires the green, zero carbon emissions, and low-to-no noise pollution machinery, Tim knew he needed a local option. Rather than waiting for those choices to appear, Tim, Tina, Chad Cole and Lauren Weir started EcoCharge, a company that now offers an assortment of electrical, battery-operated equipment and machinery for contractors to rent.

“With all the developing green projects, the increase in demand for commercial and residential inside renovations, and more towns and cities moving to ‘no idling’ laws, I figured it was time to bring this equipment to Vermont so other contractors and more projects could benefit,” explained Tim, Chad, and Lauren.

Some of their fleet includes:
  • A battery-powered excavator that takes three hours to charge and operates for up to six hours.
  • Electric excavators running off 50 ft power cords.
  • Electric mini skid-steer with an 800-pound lifting capacity that can fit through a 3-ft door, which is especially helpful for interior office, commercial, and residential work.
  • Electric buggys; and
  • Wacker jumping jack.
EcoCharge opened in early May, and within one-week rental orders started coming in and the demand for the equipment has been steady. “We will rent the equipment to contractors, and they can choose to have their own operators, or we will gladly provide full service, performing the job with our manpower,” explained Tim and Chad, Senior Project Manager and Operations Manager.

Currently, EcoCharge services all of Vermont, New Hampshire, and upstate New York and offers delivery and pickup services. The company will assist contractors in finding the right equipment for their jobsite. “If contractors are unsure which piece of equipment will be the best fit, we’ll ill visit the jobsite, discuss the project, and offer recommendations,” said Chad.

The electric, battery-operated fleet is ideally suited for any green building, commercial, industrial, or residential new construction or renovation, and even stormwater or landscaping projects.

“Our machines have zero carbon emissions, almost no noise pollution, and they eliminate exhaust and other smells making this equipment easier, safer, and healthier to use when there are other tenets in a building,” said Tim.

Eco Charge LLC Equipment List
  • IHI 17 VX-3 Electric Excavator
  • IHI 9 VXE Electric Excavator
  • IHI 9 VX-B Battery Excavator
  • 2019 Sherpa eco100 Electric Mini Skidsteer with an 800-pound lifting capacity that you can drive into an office building.
  • Electric Buggy (B1)
  • Electric Buggy (B2)
  • Wacker Jumping Jack
  • Wacker AS50E Compactor
To learn more about EcoCharge and its services and equipment, contact Lauren Weir at 802-399-2068 or email her at