Red Light, Green Light
Friday, May 21, 2021
Section: AGC National

Anyone else feel like we’re living the classic schoolyard game Red Light, Green Light? If you’re unfamiliar with this recess favorite, here’s how it goes: One classmate is chosen to be “it” and stands on the other side of the yard, facing away from the rest. The other players line up, waiting for the leader to call “green light” which signifies they can move forward until “red light” is called, when everyone freezes and all-forward momentum stops.

In the game of life, COVID-19’s it. We’re all teammates — lined up, frozen in place — waiting for the green light signal. It comes in the form of vaccinations, return-to-work initiatives, relaxed state regulations. We race ahead. But then comes the “red light” call. An uptick in COVID cases bringing renewed restrictions. A leap in the price of construction materials. Supply-chain disruptions. A dip in nonresidential construction spending. A pause in the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (as of this writing).

With each morning’s cup of coffee, we don’t know how much forward momentum there will be throughout the course of the day. Fortu-nately for the construction community, AGC plays this game well.

The PRO Act is probably the most problematic of red lights the industry is facing this year. “Taking on the PRO Act” gives you a rundown of how passage of this legislation will negatively impact you, your projects, your business and the industry. AGC of America has launched aggressive social media and digital advertising campaigns to elevate awareness to the issue and encourages its members to voice their opposition to the bill. Nearly 7,000 construction professionals reacted and over 30,000 messages were sent to members of Congress and President Biden. Green light.

Another potential red light lurks in the rising costs of materials. In response, AGC of America has crafted a Construction Inflation Alert report ( to update contractors on the latest developments and provide guidance on how they can mitigate any damage. Green light.

AGC’s Education & Research Foundation continues to bolster the industry’s workforce through its scholarship program and research initiatives. In this issue of Constructor, we feature a story on The Robert L. Bowen Industry Residency Program (“Talent in Residence”), which pulls academics out of the classroom and places them in the field, allowing them to learn the latest innovative construction practices first hand and in turn deliver them to the students of today/constructors of tomorrow. Green light.

No matter the issue, AGC of America is in it to win it, for you — its members, the construction community and the economic health of the country. And while this real-life version of Red Light, Green Light isn’t nearly as fun as the schoolyard version, at least you know that AGC of America is on your team and working hard to keep the momentum moving forward.