Legislative Update- June 5, 2023
2023 Legislative Results
Friday, June 2, 2023
by: Matt Musgrave

Section: Legislative Update

The 2023 Vermont legislative session has ended, and the politicians are home, but they will be back in June for a scheduled veto session. On Friday, May 26, Governor Phil Scott vetoed the state budget which had grown to $8.5 billion representing a 13% increase that included sweeping increases to taxes and fees across the board. The veto session will have to contend with a House who added all the taxes and a slightly more cautious Senate. We will submit a full update once the dust settles on the veto session.

In the meantime, VIECA’s and AGC/VT’s lobbying team wanted to highlight some successes this year:
  • Successfully supported the Governors record transportation budget of $877 million.
  • Resisted an employer funded paid family and medical leave program.
  • Preserved Vermont’s “employment at will” status by defeating proposals for a “good cause” termination statute.
  • Prevented expansion to eligibility for unemployment insurance for non-employer related reasons.
  • Prevented legislation that would allow towing companies to hold liens on members equipment.
  • Averted price fixing language in a right to repair bill that would have harmed equipment dealers.
  • Supported the H.O.M.E. Act (housing opportunities made for everyone) which curtails some Act 250 triggers and limits local zoning requirements in designated downtowns and growth areas.
  • Protected members by limiting the State Auditor to documents only related to “performance of a contract” in a bill expanding the offices authority.
  • Kept the pressure on to oppose any harmful employer mandates introduced in 10 different bills.
  • Successfully supported the Governors capital construction budget of $122 million.
Although the session is over it marks the first of a two-year legislative biennium and proposals that have been introduced will have more time next year for debate. Your lobbying and government affairs team will work hard to protect the industry and keep building Vermont. If you would like to participate, please reach out and consider this an invitation to the team!