Legislative Update- November 28, 2022
Sunday, November 27, 2022
by: Matt Musgrave

Section: Legislative Update

The elections over and we have all just had a few days to reflect over the Thanksgiving holiday about the world we live in. In little more than a month newly elected lawmakers in both our state and federal government will be assembling to decide the direction we will go via policy. The Government Affairs Committee at AGC/VT will be very active during the month of December setting the association up for the legislative session.

At annual meeting next week the lobbying team will start off our planning by discussing what we expect to see in the next session as well as what policies could help improve the business environment for contractors. As with past sessions the Government Affairs Team will be working of a set of guidelines and principles that guide their reaction to policy written. The team will meet regularly through the session discussing changes, additions and whether to support legislation. The tasks will be assigned to the team will be carried out carefully working with allies at the statehouse ranging from other industry representatives to legislators and leadership.

AGC/VT supported 40 candidates and of those 3/4's will be at the statehouse this January. Before they meet at the statehouse the Government Affairs Team will spend time to get to know them, create relationships and teach them about the association. Those introductions and relationships created early will put a "face" on our organization and make us the "go to" for dealing with business and contractor issues. Those relationships in the past have paid dividends in helping us pass bills that achieve the goals of the authors but still protect the construction industry from undue imposing regulations.

The Government Affairs Team will make sure members are well informed this session to all our work. Our weekly legislative updates will continue to give a play by play to bills we are tracking or promoting, engagement the Government Affairs team and membership will grow and new efforts will be made to make observing the legislative process easy, transparent and efficient.

The thing that makes our Government Affairs Team great are the members involved. Having as many voices at the table who are able to discuss issues at hand, offer industry expertise and even participate in testimony or contact with their representatives goes a long way. Do you have interest in working with this team?? Please let me know by reaching out to me at Matt@agcvt.org and we can talk about it.