Elections Have Consequences
Friday, October 7, 2022
Section: Legislative Update

Election Buttons
The most pivotal election in Vermont politics is happening on November 8. “Who Vermonters elect to serve them in the Vermont House and Senate will determine the course of our future for years to come,” said Matt Musgrave, AGC/VT’s deputy executive vice president and government affairs director.
“With a record number of Vermont House and Senate seats open—more than 40—we have an opportunity to elect leaders who will champion the construction industry. However, elections also have consequences, many unintended, and we could easily find ourselves facing burdensome regulations and costs that make it harder to do business, to live, and to provide quality jobs and careers to more Vermonters.” 
As Musgrave explains, come January elected officials will tackle many hot-button issues that will impact the construction industry. Front and center will be climate change policy and workforce development. “It’s clear that the ‘promise’ that four-year degrees were a straight shot to great careers and earning potential has fallen short for many Vermonters,” said Musgrave. “Helping people access quality two-year, technical, and apprenticeship programs is necessary to improve the quality of life for many Vermonters and reverse the decline of available human support in construction.”
Another area that Musgrave anticipates action taking place will be in transportation and infrastructure funding, more specifically, how the state of Vermont will match federal dollars pouring in. As the gas tax continues dwindling, state government will need to find alternative ways to continue funding necessary projects.

The AGC/VT lobbying team has teamed up with AGC of America to help your staff find out if they are registered to vote, register and learn about their candidates. The QR code to your right or by searching www.constructionvotes.com will bring you to amazing election resources to share with your staff. 

To read more about what’s in store during this election season, check out the latest edition of The Build Board out on October 15.