Off To The Races!
Sunday, June 12, 2022
by: Matt Musgrave

Section: Legislative Update

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Off to the races; no pun intended. Candidate declarations were due May 26 and we have now over 400 people running for the Vermont legislature and our congressional delegation with the exception of Senator Sanders. The first takeaway from the slate is that there will not likely be any broad transfer of power, but there are opportunity races that each party will take advantage of. Early on its clear that Progressives have been working hard in downtown and city centers typically known for being Republican districts. Other races in areas of Burlington and Brattleboro there are almost no competitive races. Its not uncommon to see no primary, and or no general election challenger. 

I would recommend anyone interested in the future of Vermont politics and ultimately its impact on your businesses to look at the candidates running for office.
Sometimes people ask me "why don't they understand my needs?" about the politicians. You can find the candidate list by clicking here for the Vermont primary list. Read their platforms on their campaign materials, learn their positions and contact them to ask questions.  Their answers and backgrounds can give you a pretty good idea what their policies will be in office if they are elected. They put the information out there for people to decide on. Its not just about their parties; its about their personal priorities.

AGC/VTs lobbying team is currently in the process of meeting the new candidates and we are using some unique techniques. Richard Wobby and I will be holding candidate training classes to teach new candidates the ropes about how to run a campaign which is already filling up. We are already meeting with statewide and regional candidates about their primaries. We have also begun fundraising for the Politically Active Contractors PAC to help finance campaigns of contractor friendly politicians. The PAC process will include multiple in person events, candidate surveys and interviews with our committees. 

Most important.... Look at your district and see if there are uncontested races. These are opportunities. Do you or someone you know have the motivation to craft policy?? Call me if you do at 802-223-2374.

Next and as important... Please get to know your candidate and if they will represent the needs of the contracting community. If you know any champions please let me know who they are.