Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Set for a Vote as Early as September 27
House Republican Leadership & Progressive Democrats Unite Against Bill
Sunday, September 26, 2021

Section: Legislative Update

infrastructute bill statistics
The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, or Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which passed the Senate over a month ago, is set to be voted on as early as September 27. Action is needed before the current one-year extension of the FAST Act surface transportation law expires September 30. If the bipartisan infrastructure bill does not pass before September 30, the federal-aid highway and transit construction programs will expire, causing a slowdown and eventual end to federal payments to states for transportation construction projects already underway. House Republican Leadership also announced that they are urging all Republicans to vote against the bill, just as many Progressive Democrats do the same among their ranks. It is so important that all AGC members participate in our action alert to help us get this bill across the finish line. AGC also put together this Myth vs. Fact slide (above) to assist you with countering any misleading or misstatements about the bipartisan infrastructure bill.