AGC/VT Executive Vice President Joins VT State Workforce Development Board

Cathy 2015 headshotCathy Lamberton, Executive Vice President of AGC/VT and VIECA was recently appointed to serve on the Vermont State Workforce Development Board.

Cathy will serve for six years, and will attend weekly hearings in Montpelier. She’ll also assist in special projects as determined by the Labor Board Chair or Executive Director.

Cathy had to meet the following criteria to be appointed:

  • Knowledge and experience in labor relations and employment issues from a “Management” background.
  • “Experience, knowledge, character, integrity, judgment and ability to action in a fair and impartial manner” (3 V.S.A. 921 (B))
  • Be a US citizen and a resident of the state of Vermont for at least one year immediately preceding appointment. 
  • A member of the Board may not hold any other state office.

To learn more about the work the Board does, click here.