Adults vs. Teens re: Texting

Cell Phone 1   A common belief is that teens use cell phones while driving far more than adults.  But new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows a somewhat different picture.  Its annual Traffic Safety Survey revealed that among all drivers, adults age 25-39 were the most likely to admit engaging in these risky behaviors behind the wheel!

The survey found that while 20 percent of teen drivers admitted to using a cell phone fairly often or regularly while driving, adults ages 25-39 admitted to doing so 43 percent of the time.  Far less surprising was the finding that motorists age 60+ were the least likely to report using a phone behind the wheel.

These different usage rates exist despite almost 90 percent and 96 percent of drivers believing that talking on a cell phone and texting while driving is a serious threat to their personal safety, respectively.

This research may represent an opportunity to influence adult drivers’ behaviors via their children.  Many parents claim (with some exasperation!) that their new teen drivers are actually a good influence on them, serving to remind them about the risks involved in some habits they may have picked up during years of driving.