A Guide to Developing and Sustaining a Safe Workplace

   Too many companies treat the idea of developing a safety culture as a “nice to have…someday.” It’s not until a major incident – or even worse, a fatality – occurs that these companies finally get serious about safety. By then, it’s already too late, and the damage to their workforce, their reputation and their bottom line is often irreparable.
   But luckily, there’s still time for most companies to fully embrace and integrate safety compliance into their culture. And it all starts with learning to articulate the benefits of a safety culture and knowing the risks that occur when a company doesn’t properly train its workforce to achieve that goal.
   Training with the Associated General Contractors of Vermont provides the tools for industry workers to learn the elements of effective compliance training, the kinds of behavioral changes that need to occur to ensure its effectiveness, and some of the biggest mistakes leaders have made that have resulted in their employees losing trust in management.

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