5 Things To Do BEFORE It Snows

   Last week’s Polar Vortex wreaked havoc across nearly the entire country with freezing temperatures and sporadic snow storms. We’ve received a number of questions regarding the measures one should take prior to freezing temperatures and snow. OSHA has comprehensive resources available. Here are 5 tips that must be followed when prepping for a storm.
Know and share your snow removal plan
   When winter weather hits, it is crucial to be fully prepared. This means more than having a bucket of salt and a few shovels. You should have a detailed plan including individual responsibilities, tools needed, and potential hazards one could encounter while removing snow.
Identify and mark potential electrical and trip hazards
   Prior to any potential amount of snow, you should identify and mark any potential hazard that could be covered up by snow. Slip, trip, and fall hazards are the leading cause of workplace injury when snow isn’t involved. Snow only heightens these types of risks.
Know what your structures can hold
    It is imperative that you are aware of the weight your roof/structures can hold. Depending on the amount and type of snow, the weight of a person and their snow clearing equipment could be the difference between a safe removal and a collapse.
Have the proper clothing, equipment, and teamwork
   Extreme temperatures call for extreme measures in terms of clothing and equipment. Require employees and coworkers to outfit themselves appropriately, regardless of how uncomfortable the attire might be.  In addition, make sure your team is consistently checking on each other to ensure everyone is safe and healthy.