5 reasons why you should attend AGC/VT Annual meeting and the Safety Plus and more Construction Expo!

AGC Stage

During the window from April to December, many companies usually hustle their backside trying to make sure what they do is profitable. From an association perspective, what follows is a celebration commonly known as the AGC/VT Annual Meeting, which is held between the association members and directors once a year to acknowledge what has been accomplished.

   At the meeting, the directors share with members the past year’s business performance, next year’s strategies and the outlook going forward. On top of that, members get to vote for the election of new or existing directors, receive information on trends, eat, drink, and attend a variety of awareness sessions concerning changes in the industry.
   Most importantly, annual meetings give you an opportunity to learn about trends occurring in the Human Resource, Workforce and Safety world that are changing. Based on how they answer your questions (or not), this gives you an insight into how open and transparent the Board and Management are – especially when faced with hard questions.
   I’ve been attending AGC/VT’s annual meeting for several years now and this year looks like one of the most exciting! The information I’ve gathered from them in the past has been highly valuable and extremely useful for myself and my companies decision-making process.
   This year I look forward to helping understand the trends that are happening, that I also deal with almost daily. From the start of the day with the opening of the Safety Plus and more Expo with welcoming speakers Wanda Minoli (DMV Commissioner) and Dan Whipple (VOSHA Manager), to Recognizing the Rising Stars of Safety Luncheon; the breakout on “Drugs and Ice Cream,” and furthermore, the incorporation of the Concrete Association and Leadership Training in the afternoon. As well as the familiar panel discussions that are part and parcel historically. Because of this, I attend AGC/VT Annual Meeting’s diligently each year.
   Here are five reasons why you should attend AGC/VT Annual meeting and the Safety Plus and more Construction Expo:
1. Get a door gift or free meal
Well, the most obvious things first – you get free stuff! There are anticipated to be up to 35 venders to visit and chat with. I receive goody bags often from mainly the suppliers and associate companies. I attended a healthcare company’s AGM once and they gave me their in-house nutritional products like vitamin C pills, menopause tablets (which I struggled to find a personal use for) along with other goodies.
   But it doesn’t just end there. You get free food as well…well hold on “there’s no free lunches” but this year the $25.00 registration fee includes lunch. The Rising Stars of Safety meal will usually come buffet style, which is nice as well.
   But there is also a free show you can watch…
   So, if you’re there solely for the food (and trust me, there are others just like that), be prepared to push, shove and rush with your fellow contractors to be first in line for the feast. Don’t be surprised if you see the Governor fighting for space too as he is the featured lunch guest.
2. Gain an informational advantage
As you can tell, I do not attend these meetings solely for the goody bags and the free food. I go there for the more scrumptious bits – by talking to the state’s insiders, and attending some informational sessions, I get access to a lot of information not yet written in the annual reports, any press release or analyst report.
   During the breakouts, knowledgeable experts are present in smaller venues to ask questions. Because of this, you get a chance to ask more questions yourself and receive answers which can be extremely insightful and educational.
3. Find out if management is aligned
By observing their body language and candor (or lack of), you can tell if the Secretaries and Commissioners are being truthful and ultimately aligned with your and the company’s interests.
Though observation can be subjective from person to person, it is still better meeting and interacting with my fellow contractors to get a gut feeling whether you can partner, build with and create lasting relationships.
   As what John Adams, one of the most successful contractors ever, said: ‘Face-to-face meetings separate the bluffers from the doers.’
4. Meet like-minded contractors- By talking to other contractors, you get to learn fresh perspectives why other contractors partner with the same company as you. You might discover new distinctions that might improve your skills as a contractor.
   Sometimes, if you really hit it off, they might invite you to their private mastermind group for discussion of construction or safety ideas. You wouldn’t know such a group exists until you get invited to one.
   So, network, network, and network but be selective with who you talk to. Generally, I prefer to talk to savvier contractors.
5. You might get to lunch with someone different or new.
That in itself is a rare opportunity to develop those future contacts and relationships that help us build into the future.
The Final Perspective
   In conclusion, do attend AGC/VT Annual meeting and the Safety Plus and more Construction Expo! They hold valuable information about the companies that could make a positive or negative impact on your future.
   I mean, if you’re going to invest thousands of hours in a company, doesn’t it make sense to spend those 6 to 8 hours just to make sure your company is safe and sound? It makes sense to me and I hope it does to you as well.