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February 2020

A vision of the power grid in 2050 applied to North America BY GEORGES SIMARD, IEEE PES Grid Vision 2050 Today, the power grid is really a complex web of interconnected local and regional grids with largely centralized generation. Each individual grid is akin to a wheel,

Why You Were Inspected but Your Competitor Wasn’t: Why are some contractors inspected over and over while others are never targeted? The question baffles contractors and raises doubts about the fairness of OSHA’s enforcement system. “It’s complicated,” says Scott Schneider, LHSFNA Occupational Safety and Health Division Director.

December 20, 2019 In December 2018 new ANSI aerial and scissor lift standards were released. These new best-practice standards were set to take effect on December 10th of 2019. At the 2019 ASC A92 Aerial Work Platforms Annual Meeting in October 2019 the A92 Main Committee

by: Mark Gates     The new ANSI standards released in December 2018 affect all owners, operators and supervisors of aerial lifts including: booms, scissor lifts and under-bridge inspection machines. The new standards are designed to enhance safety and shift North American equipment standards closer to international standards -