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January 2020

Editor’s Note: We thought we’d give you a look inside the AGC/VT walls from a unique AGC/VT’s four-legged greeter, guardian, and ever-faithful champion of contractors: Rosie. Here’s what a typical day at the AGC/VT offices look like for Rosie.   It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or

[caption id="attachment_4987" align="alignright" width="300"] AGC/VT Crew Attending House Floor Session[/caption] We had a very exciting Building Bridges this year. Almost 50 AGC/VT members descended on the state house on Thursday, January 16th. It was clear that by the end of the day we made a huge

By: Jeff Gavin “Blurry” and “static” are good descriptors for 2019, when economic challenges were boisterously discussed. Trade tensions, Mother Nature’s wrath and turbulent politics tested growth and will continue to hover over the longest expansion in U.S. history—10 years now and counting. Economic cycles end, but

By: Nicole Chaudet Worker safety is now an on-the-job priority—most companies, across all industries, have realized this throughout 2019. And, more organizations are also realizing the fact that a proactive approach to injury prevention and treatment demonstrates a strong commitment to employee wellbeing. And they should—according

Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind—and certainly not out of existence. Some forces can’t be seen but can still powerfully affect you. This clearly goes for many physical forces—from radiation to sound vibrations, to sleep disorders to exposures to tiny physical forces that