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October 2019

   As many Vermont business owners approach retirement, they ask themselves several questions: Who will I pass the business on to? What is a fair price? Where will the financing come from? Will your legacy (your good name) that you have built up over the

   It’s easy to write goals, to slip words onto a page that share a vision for what an organization could become. It’s another thing to have that vision turn into reality, which is the enviable position AGC/VT finds itself in today.    “We have

    Please contact if you are interested in getting involved with one of AGC/VTs committees which include: Government Affairs, Associate Committee, Building Committee, Workforce Development Committee, Membership Committee, Highway and Bridge Committee or Safety Committee. The meeting schedule is light and we now

Leading edges are all over many jobsites in the construction industry, and they often occur in locations that lack overhead anchor points for construction workers to use to tie off their personal fall protection equipment. Jobs such as scaffolding, rooftops, steel erections, and bridge