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May 2019

   High-tech features and advanced driver assistance systems are becoming more readily available, and they have the potential to reduce the rates of crashes, fatalities and injuries on the nation's roadways.    Consider, for example, back-up cameras. Approximately 300 people lose their lives and another 18,000

Jane Clark | May 20, 2019    Pre-trip inspections are not excessively time-consuming; 15 to 30 minutes should be enough time to complete them.    I recently ran across a great article from ATBS called The Importance of the Pre-Trip Truck Inspection. In my opinion, the article

The 2019 Vermont Legislative session started out with great expectations due to the supermajority gained by the Vermont Democrats in the 2018 election. The legislatures biggest priorities which were a paid family leave program and an increase in the minimum wage to $15/hour failed to

For thirty years, LD Safety Marking Corporation has provided municipalities, state agencies, airports, the federal government, and private customers with all its pavement marking needs, rumble strip installation, and even temporary or permanent highway sign installation.    According to Gray Ricker, President, the demand for pavement

   A hard hat is designed to protect from impacts that could damage the brain, so take its upkeep seriously.    You're an industrial safety professional. You encourage using the right PPE. You know the value of protecting workers from injury - head to toe.