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January 2019

By: Jesse Smith, Project Manager/Safety Director    I think the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to transcending safety culture in the workplace is getting the employees to buy in to what you are all about. Having your employees understand and respect your role

By: Matt Musgrave, Deputy EVP/Government Relations Director    The 2019/2020 Vermont legislative biennium kicked of Wednesday, January 9. In addition to the usual pomp and circumstance was the introduction of 44 new House and Senate members including 7 new House committee chairs and 2 new Senate

   Given the current lack of drivers and technicians, some fleets may feel pressure to find a body to fill a spot. However, it is important to remember that the wrong onboarding decision wastes time and costs your business money and can have a negative impact

[caption id="attachment_4147" align="alignright" width="386"] Blood Vials and Syringe with Needle on Top of Lab Results.[/caption] Internal auditors at the U.S. Department of Transportation could soon be conducting a review of the FMCSA's drug testing program as part of a transportation industry-wide mandate.    "There's no formal plan

By: Amanda Ibey, writer/editor    "Over the past three years, the expansion for the U.S. construction industry has shown deceleration in its rate of growth, a pattern that typically takes place as an expansion matures," stated Robert A. Murray, chief economist for Dodge Data & Analytics.