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January 2019

By: Matt Musgrave, Deputy EVP/Government Relations Director, AGC/VT    The 2019/2020 Vermont legislative biennium opened on January 8th with our legislators settling in to new committees, meeting new members and a fresh start on their initiatives. We have 41 new legislators, many new committee assignments, and 8

By: Amanda Ibey, writer/editor    Technology has changed the construction industry, and it’s not slowing down. How are AGC/VT members adapting to this technological revolution? What changes in their business practices have they made and are these changes working? From cloud technology to construction management software to

   Hoisting 150,000-pound electrical transformers for a power company, deftly maneuvering 3,000-pound boilers into a ski area or lifting a new generator through a hole in a second story wall is all in a day’s work for Demag Riggers & Crane Services.    Profiled in the

By: Matt Musgrave, Deputy EVP/Government Relations Director    AGC/VT's annual legislative event "Building Bridges" formerly known as "Storming the Statehouse" was held Friday, January 18th and was a complete success. Approximately 40 members of AGC/VT met early in the morning for a legislative briefing from our

   The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its workplace fatality data. Once again, the numbers clearly show we are not doing enough to mitigate the risks our workers face every day on the job.    For a third straight year, the U.S. experienced a small

   With falls leading OSHA's top 10 list of violations year after year, the agency is bolstering its efforts to increase awareness about its fall prevention resources.    The agency has developed a collection of compliance assistance resources to address falls in the workplace, the leading cause