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AGC/VT Safety Plus and more Construction Expo

Join AGC/VT for our Annual Meeting with the Safety Plus and more Construction Expo on December 3, 2019 at the Doubletree by Hilton, So. Burlington, VT. The day will start off with a full board of directors meeting and the Expo will be kicked off with Guest Speakers at 9:45am. During the day there will be 9 breakouts with education topics for owners, project managers, safety staff, foremen and superintendents with topics relevant to your business, the Rising Stars of Safety lunch with Governor Phil Scott. After the Expo and breakouts we will hold our annual Enrichment Hour, Annual Meeting Banquet, Best Builder Awards and closing the night with our Casino Night!

Expo and Luncheon- $25
Dinner and Best Builder Awards- $75

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Board of Directors Meeting 7:00-9:30am

Safety Plus and more Construction Expo Opening 9:45

Breakout Session 1 – 10:30-11:30am

AOT Panel- Owners and superintendents will enjoy a panel discussion with Secretary Joe Flynn and other representatives from VTRANS in a about trends, challenges and opportunities in Vermont’s road work. The panel will take questions from the audience and listen to feedback to continually improve public project deliver.

Conducting a Safety Inspection: Every safety dreads a knock on the door from an VOSHA inspector. But an inspection doesn’t need to be your worst nightmare. If you take proactive steps to find and fix hazards, develop a detailed plan for handling an inspection, understand and exercise your rights, and operate in good faith throughout the process, you can significantly reduce your chances of damaging citations and fines. Join us for an informative session that will provide guidance on planning for an VOSHA inspection, navigating the inspection process, and proactively managing safety compliance to reduce your chances of citations and fines.

Onboarding New Employees: Employees are a construction company’s most valuable assets. The retention of key employees has always been vital to the long-term success of any contractor. Recent changes in the construction labor market have made it even more important to implement a robust retention strategy. The recession led to a decline in the construction workforce and there are not enough new recruits entering the market to replace those who left the industry or are retiring. This shortage of construction talent can be seen at all levels, from professional employees to workers in the skilled labor trades.


Breakout Session 2 – 1:30-2:30pm

Active Shooter Ed- With active shooter events occurring nationally its time to talk about your company’s safety and how to respond if the unthinkable happens. For reasons known and unknown a spate of gun violence has turned our attention to this issue. Join us to learn about warning signs, evacuation procedures and post event counseling. With the proper education, preparation and resources you will be able to mitigate some of the risk and be ready if your company becomes a target.

Agency of Natural Resources/Act 250 Board Panel- Owners, Project Engineers and Superintendents should join ANR Secretary Julie Moore and Act 250 Board Chair Diane Snelling for a conversation about Vermont conservation efforts and permitting. Discussions will revolve around Vermont’s clean water efforts, proposed wetlands changes and the expected changes to Act 250. This will be an opportunity to share attendees’ challenges, successes and suggestions from experience with the permitting process.

Ice Cream and Drugs: Businesses often don’t have the resources to develop in-depth substance abuse awareness and prevention programs or means to obtain the knowledge of their rights and responsibilities when it applies to drugs and employment. During this session, David Harlow, Director at Downs, Rachlin, & Martin PLLC, will provide the tools needed to combat this danger to workers and employers. The discussion will deliver resources employers and companies need to implement drug and alcohol policies in the workplace. The includes educational materials and Vermont policies for substance abuse testing.


Breakout Session 3 – 2:45-3:45

Workforce Challenges Panel- Owners and Human Resource professionals will have the opportunity to hear from Department of Labor representatives (insert here) to discuss workforce challenges and opportunities. The conversation including attendee input will focus on recruiting, retention, advancement and proper training resources.

Building and General Services Panel- Owners, Project Engineers and Business Development professionals will have the opportunity to hear from BGS Commissioner Chris Cole and Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Fitch discuss issues related to Vermont’s buildings. The panel will discuss the 2019 successes, contractor qualifications, bid systems and future planning. Questions and suggestions from attendees will help guide the discussion.

Leadership for Our Masses- Developing Leaders who want to change the company and integrate new ideas into their belief system.  Is it time for a paradigm shift? We look at moving from a boss to a coach and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) versus IQ. Who really rules the world? We use research that has been conducted over the past 20 years from Gallup and all over the word to introduce the participants to principles and concepts and let them make the decision on what will work for themselves and their company. What do all great leaders need? And what does that look like.

Safety Plus and More Construction Expo Enrichment Hour 4:00-6:00pm

AGC/VT Annual Dinner and Best Builder Awards 6:30-8:30pm

Casella Casino Night 8:30pm