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August 2016

Preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council indicate motor vehicle deaths in the United States were 9 percent higher through the first six months of 2016 than in 2015. Unfortunately, that national trend is a reflection of what is happening on Vermont highways. As of August 30,

AGC/VT member, Debra Ricker, President of Worksafe Traffic Control Industries, and current Chairwoman of the American Traffic Safety Association (ATSSA), presented Brent Tewksbury co-owner of Lafayette Highway Specialties and AGC/VT member, a plaque thanking him for serving as the Chair of the Guardrail Committee for ATSSA. AGC/VT is proud

   Failing to buckle up, driving impaired and speeding are causes for increased highway deaths in Vermont. Highway fatalities to date on Vermont roads have nearly doubled compared to this time last year, with the majority of fatal crashes involving non-use or improper seatbelt usage, speeding,

Vermont is one of many states making use of a relatively new type of left turn signal: the flashing yellow arrow. Because some drivers are still unfamiliar with this kind of signal, they can be caught off-guard and left a little perplexed about how to respond.