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November 2012

AGC/VT is the premier Vermont trade association representing every aspect of the construction industry. Founded in 1961, members of AGC/VT are general contractors, equipment and material suppliers, insurance companies, bonding firms, financial institutions, consultants and other businesses and individuals connected to the construction industry. To learn more

Tool box talk for week ending 8-10-12 Guardrails protect you from falls that can seriously injure or even kill. The amount of protection guardrails provide depends on how they are constructed and maintained. Most guardrails are built of strong materials and are usually solid when first

*Know the tool you are using, its application, limitations and potential hazards. *Select the proper tool for the job. *Don't tackle a big job with an undersized tool - make-shift tools can cause accidents. *Ground all tools unless double insulated. A double insulated tool usually has a plastic