15 tips for avoiding a bad hire

   Given the current lack of drivers and technicians, some fleets may feel pressure to find a body to fill a spot. However, it is important to remember that the wrong onboarding decision wastes time and costs your business money and can have a negative impact on your existing employees.
Here are 15 things to be aware of.
  1. Interviewer does all the talking
  2. The actual job duties are not discussed during the interview
  3. The vision of the job portrayed, and the reality of the job don’t match
  4. Hiring based on physical appearance
  5. Hiring due to an age bracket
  6. Hiring based on universal “good” traits
  7. Failing to measure the candidate against your company values
  8. Failing to show the work environment early in the process
  9. Rushing the hiring process
  10. Failing to ask candidates about their other options
  11. Not asking candidates about what they need from a job
  12. Not performing a background check
  13. Not calling references
  14. Not performing a personality assessment
  15. Having an inadequate onboarding process
   While the list seems long, there are some things you can do to avoid making mistakes. It begins by being aware of your existing practices. Spend time studying and learning how to make smart hiring decisions. Train the people in your company who are involved in the hiring process about the proper way to conduct an interview and make decisions about job candidates. Ask people who are involved in the hiring process, to review hiring processes and procedures right before an interview.