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AGC/VT is a state chapter of the Associated General Contractors of America, (AGC) a national organization representing the interests of construction industry professionals.

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AGC/VT is proud to partner with the Vermont Independent Electrical Contractors Association (VIECA).

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Funding for Project RoadSafe is made possible by a grant from The Vermont Governor’s Highway Safety Program


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   When talking about fatigue, National Safety Council Senior Program Manager Emily Whitcomb said she is asked by almost every employer about the effects of energy drinks on employees, particularly the younger crowd.    “This is a common concern,” Whitcomb said. “While caffeine can help with short-term alertness, abusing energy drinks

   Our Driving Concern, Senior Program Manager Lisa Robinson speaks to issues and concerns all employers face when trying to make their workforce safe on the road.    Q: Do you talk about choices as they relate to traffic safety? Do you understand how risky driver behaviors can affect liability exposure

   The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is asking for input on how existing regulations for commercial motor vehicles may need to be changed, updated or eliminated to further the safe testing and deployment of CMVs equipped with automated driving systems.    In a notice published in the March 26 Federal

   Employees are most at risk every day when they are on the road, whether they drive for a living or commute to an office. That’s why more and more employers are going beyond state law and implementing best practices when it comes to driver safety. More than 40,000 people are

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